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To Obtain Equipment Service or Upgrade...

The best (and Simplest) way to obtain service or upgrade of your Sandpiper equipment is to call or e-mail us.   Many times we can diagnose your problem(s) and offer a possible solution over the phone.   If it becomes necessary to return the equipment to Sandpiper for service, the minimum service diagnostic fee is $125.00 plus return shipping.  After a determination of the scope of the required repairs, we will e-mail a written estimate of the charges as well as any optional repairs or upgrades offered.

NEVER ship anything direct to Sandpiper without first obtaining a RMA authorization.  Sandpiper will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number when the service job is accepted.

All items shipped to Sandpiper must have an a genuine Sandpiper RMA number prominently placed on the outside of the packing.  Goods must be shipped to Sandpiper, freight prepaid.  Sandpiper will refuse any shipment that does not bear a correct RMA number or is sent freight collect.

Returns:  Should a Sandpiper customer be dis-satisfied with their purchase for any reason, the item(s) may be returned to Sandpiper for a full-price credit, applied to their account.  STI manufactured goods may be returned for a discounted cash refund in lieu if the full-price account credit.  Purchases accepted by Sandpiper as eligible for a cash refund are discounted by applying a restocking charge equal to sixty-percent (60%) of the selling price.  The discounted cash refund return eligibility period expires ten (10) business days immediately following receipt of the merchandise.  The full-price in-store credit return eligibility period expires twenty (20) business days immediately following receipt of the merchandise.

Items returned for credit or cash refund must be returned in the original packaging; freight prepaid and properly packaged and protected for the return shipment.  Items so returned must be complete and in working order.  They must also be clean, cosmetically unblemished and in “like new” condition.

Items returned to STI which are damaged, missing parts and/or received in a cosmetically blemished condition, will be repaired, scrapped or re-manufactured at Sandpiper’s sole option.  All associated disposal or restoration cost will be deducted from any credit or refund otherwise allowable to the purchaser.

Customers returning a purchase to STI must first contact STI and obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping any goods.  Unauthorized shipments arriving at STI will be refused and returned to the carrier.  All shipping and/or freight charges are specifically excluded from the STI return policy.

CA. State Sales Tax Adjustment on Merchandise Returns:   California sales tax collected by STI on the original purchase of taxable merchandise which is later returned to STI, will be recomputed and appropriately refunded to the purchaser, on a pro-rated basis, as required by law.  Any return of STI merchandise for a full-price credit, applied to the purchaser’s account, is considered a sale for the purpose of computing and collecting sales tax.  Merchandise returned for a discounted cash refund will have the sales tax recomputed based upon the adjusted price after restocking and/or other fees are applied.  Sales tax due the purchaser based on the fee-adjusted pricing, will be included in the cash refund to the purchaser, when the merchandise return is processed.

Sandpiper 1-Year Warranty Equipment Service Policy

Service of those products covered under the Sandpiper 1-year limited warranty is quite easy to manage.   Any failed component(s) or workmanship errors are covered under the Sandpiper 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.  At Sandpiper’s sole discretion, Sandpiper will repair or replace the system at no cost to the purchaser and return the equipment to the customer at Sandpiper expense.   If however, the problem(s) discovered are the responsibility of the user, Sandpiper will notify the equipment owner of any repair/service charges due.   STI accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. 

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