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In keeping with our retirement goals, Sandpiper has streamlined its product and services offerings

     12 Volt sealed gel battery belt packs.
          (Replacement for the TreeTop)
     12 Volt Safety Charger for sealed gel batteries.
          (Dual charging rate for maximum safety & Battery longevity)

II Service or Upgrade
      Burrow Probe Servicing (All Models)
      TreeTop Servicing and Upgrades (All Models)

All equipment service and upgrades are performed in our shop with genuine STI replacement parts.  Many elderly systems may be repaired or upgraded successfully.  Please call or e-mail to discuss your situation.

III Equipment Rental Program

Sandpiper Technologies offers customers a small rental fleet of video inspection systems. The program operates on a first-come, first-served basis to provide use of equipment for special short-term needs. The client pays for five (5) rental days per rental week however, weekends and shipping transit times (both ways) are excluded from charges. This means two weekend days shipping time is not included when calculating the rental charges, so the 7-day rental period starts at the time the equipment is delivered to the Client's door and ends the day the equipment is delivered to a commercial shipper.   Call for more info.   Download the Rental Agreement at: 

STI Rental Form - 2017.pdf

Peeper Burrow Probe

Roo Probe

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